It’s no surprise that the hunger epidemic is one of the biggest challenges the global community is facing, but it can be unsettling to learn it’s prevalent in our own backyard. Many Australian children don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and when they do eat, aren’t getting the adequate nutrition they need to lead healthy lifestyles.

That’s where we come in.

Making a Real Difference

Your generosity doesn’t sit in a bank account — every dollar goes to our life-changing work. Here’s what your giving equates to (for food donations, please contact us).

  • Gives us ten plastic containers so we can serve food to ten hungry kids.
  • Buys 15kgs of dry pasta so we can support families with delicious, hot meals.
  • Fuels our van so we can make home deliveries and fill hungry bellies.
  • Feeds around 20 local children for one night so they won’t go to bed hungry.

Serving Food

Based in Broome, FTLC cook and deliver over 600 hot, healthy meals a week (over two nights) to local children (0-17yrs, pregnant and nursing mums only)

Sparking Hope

Hunger destroys hope — we’re seeing new confidence, joy, and optimism in the children we support. FLTC families stop surviving and start living.

Seeing Change

Our nutritional food contributions have measurably reduced the number of Broome children charged for stealing offences. Further research to quantify changes in nutrition-based illnesses and hospitalisation is needed, as we strive for change in this area as well.

red cliffs
Mary - Jane
" I have been volunteering for Feed the Little Children since I arrived in Broome to teach at a local primary school in 2013. Volunteering for deliveries gave me insight as a teacher to my students lives outside of school, and assisted me in developing relationships with local families. I have witnessed many other community members and visitors develop their awareness of child poverty and related social issues in Broome. I have been fortunate enough to see the program develop into children's cooking classes, giving them the knowledge and skills to make their own meals. It makes me proud to see more and more people now able to ask for help for their children when they need it, rather than go without. Feed the Little Children assists in minimising the gap between the advantaged and disadvantaged within our town and is a fantastic and invaluable local organisation. "
Amy and Charisma
" The Feed the Little Children organisation has been very helpful to my family. We have been receiving food since Clint and Deb were doing food drop offs. I don’t think that we would be able to make it through the pay weeks if it wasn’t for Feed the Children."
Kathleen, mother of three
" My family has been getting food off Feed the Little Children since it started (before they even got a van). I pay all of my bills direct debit but sometimes I still don’t have enough money to buy enough food to get us through the fortnight. It has been a great help because I freeze the bread that they give us and can use it for the kid’s lunches through the week. My children look forward to the food on the delivery nights. "

Food for Thought.

We work alongside Broome children who live in some of the toughest circumstances and would otherwise struggle for food. Around 75% of the children we support are less than ten-years-old. Mainly assisting Aboriginal families, our clients often live in overcrowded housing, survive off very low incomes, and struggle with complex historical, social, cultural, and economic factors. FTLC is not about free handouts; by working together with children, we seek to support and encourage them as their households stabilise and become self-sufficient.

35  %

reduction in nutrition-related middle ear infections and mastoiditis.

47  %

reduction in property related charges against children.

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