In 2007, we proposed our vision and comprehensive consultations with Aboriginal community members, government, and non-government organisations took place.

We received strong community support for the cause, and since then, have supported young people whose families struggle to maintain to household food security. Our clients are mainly from families struggling to provide this support independently due to high living costs, financial instability and a range of complex historical, social, cultural, and economic factors.


  • 2006
    Start researching crime risks in the Kimberley using Master of Arts studies.
  • 2007
    Community consultation
  • 2011
    Establish Committee Incorporation/Registered Charity
  • 2012
    Jan - First delivery of 20 meals
  • 2014
    Grant from Lotterywest $240K, increase to 700+ meals...
  • 2016
    Funding from Josie Farrer ALP WA - 140K
  • 2018
    Second major grant from Lotterywest for marketing $140K
  • 2018
    Develop marketing campaign
  • 2018
    $734K funds raised to date

How We Work

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Meet our Team


Clint Durham,

Have you seen children revolving through Police Stations, courts, or juvenile detention and wanted to know why and what could be done to reverse this? As a Crime Analyst for five years in Kalgoorlie and 12 years in Broome, I researched this dilemma and then established Feed the Little Children with my wife and group of Committee Members to start reversing the trend. I love what we do at FTLC because, having spent over 13 years in this single area, I know it works. I’ve also researched this area through a Masters in Criminal Intelligence, reviewing international best practice on the application of crime prevention through social intervention.


Michael Khan,

As the Coordinator of Feed the Little Children, I manage our day-to-day operations. I’m a Chef and Cookery Trainer and have lived in Broome for 14 years. As an Aboriginal man from the South West of Western Australia, I know the cultural issues, distractions, and disadvantage that Aboriginal youth face and aim to be a mentor to help our clients and encourage them to pursue their dreams. In turn, they become role models for their siblings, relatives, and future generations.

Debbie Durham

Deborah Durham,

Whilst living in Broome I was a one on one mentor/volunteer for the Catholic School before becoming the Canteen Manager. 

Together with the research my husband completed, our passion to help people and some special friends and their knowledge we established Feed the Little Children.

Having completed several certificates within food service, hygiene and knowledge of nutrition from previous work I was able to manage the charity kitchen until our coordinator was appointed. I love the smiles of the children and the trusting relationship between us and the families. 


Ted Wilkinson,
Committee Member

Lawyer at Legal Aid in Broome for 28 years. Became involved with FTLC through my relationship with you and helping out with deliveries.

Rewarding experience by being involved with the community the positive effects it has.
It also has the added benefit of people in the community and myself being seen in a different light outside my normal workplace.

Planning for the Future.

We take things one day at a time, but we haven’t lost sight of the big picture. Our mission is to provide an emergency respite food service direct to children at high risk from household food insecurity, 365 days a year across the Kimberley.

Our immediate goals are to maintain our service in Broome and expand to Kununurra, providing emergency food respite there and to nearby communities. This is a structured, premeditated expansion with a Lotterywest-funded research project that will detail pre-activity baseline data and post-operational interventional monitoring data.

We understand the importance of research to quantify our work with hard statistics from government data, such as ABS and Police crime figures. With concrete data behind us, we’ll be able to better understand and demonstrate to our supporters the measurable impacts we have in the community.

A second (but no less important) goal is to use our diverse network to strengthen professional partnerships in the community. We already do this to some extent, but wish to encourage families to consider other programs to better support their medical needs, personal capacity, financial management, and more.

As FTLC continues to grow, we strive to strengthen governance, assessments, training, as well as information management and strategic planning. We hope to not only increase our volunteer team, but diversify it as we celebrate different ethnicities, passions, skillsets, and backgrounds.

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